Echos of Enlightenment
A True Book of the Last Days of Daniel a Once and Future Prophet

Christine Harte
Shannah Laumeister
Jesse Goins
Gordon Jennison Noice
Luis Saguar
Tom Seiler
Giovanna Brokaw
Dan Coplan

Art Direction Fred Burton
Music by Charles Gregory Washington

Director of Photography Howard Wexler
Produced by Gloria Everett and Daniel J. Coplan
Written, Directed, and Edited by Daniel J. Coplan

Christine Harte.............Mary Gesar
Shannah Laumeister.....Marie
Jesse D. Goins...............Paul
Gordon Noice................Joe
Luis Saguar...................Rabbi Don Carlos White Wolf
Tom Seiler....................Mary’s Dad
Giovanna Brokaw.........Jigonsashe
Dan Coplan...................Daniel Gesar

In Alphabetical Order

Marvin Bang -- Gangbanger
Stephen Blackehart -- L.A.P.D. Detective
Joan Blair -- Court Clerk
Aimee Bourgon -- Client With Boyfriend Problems
Carl Bressler -- Herb Kleinberg
Peter Brosnan -- Attorney in Courtroom
Fred Burton -- Attorney from Ventura
N. Barry Carver -- L.A. Times Reporter
Landrus Clark -- Cast ‘n Cane Dude
Kathi Copeland -- Astral Plane Writer
Conrad Corral -- TV Reporter Stevens
Gloria Everett -- Sara The Tarrot Reader
Stephon Fuller -- Independence Day Writer
Stephen Furst -- House Foreclosure Client
Hank Garcia -- Texas Mutual Agent
JoAnn Green -- Car Rental Client
Ross Gottstein -- Cameraman Eddie
Dennis Hayden Frank Savage
David Jean-Thomas -- Torture Victim Client
Jack Kosslyn -- Judge Maximillian
Rich Lehmann -- Kim the Coke addict
Reeko Meserole -- Carl Goodman
Jonathan Hugger -- Acme Indemnity Agent
Jovin Montanaro -- Homeless Man
Tobius McGlone -- Gangbanger
Courtney McLean -- Hurt Dude
Ron Nicolsi -- Priest
Shirley Nicolsi -- Woman in Parking Lot
Brian Olsen -- Attorney in Courtroom
JoMarie Payton -- Paul’s Wife
William Richert -- Dave The Writer
Greg Roberts -- Attorney in Courtroom
Laura Russo -- IRS Agent
Bob Sattler -- Jack Kelly - FBI Agent

Lancer Shull -- DUI Client
Ronald Shore -- Car Rental Client
Sumintra Singh -- State Bar Agent
Doralicia -- Milkshake Waitress
Natasha Starbuck -- Dive Bar Patron
Larry Thompson -- Angry Milkshake Customer


Daniel J. Coplan Writer, Director, Editor
Gloria Everett & Producers
Daniel J. Coplan
Howard Wexler Director of Photography
Charles Gregory Washington Music
Fred Burton Art Director

Joe Solari 1st Assistant Camera
Bryan Ellison Camera Assistant
John E. Hall II Gaffer
Anker Jeppesen Sound Mixer
Aaron Wexler Boom Operator
Bruce Resnik Script Supervisor
Mary H. Shellogg Additional Script Supervisor
Joyce Seiler Propmaster
Natasha Starbuck Animal Wrangler
Monique Hahn Key Make-up & Hair
Amy Stillman Additional Makeup
Mike Michaelson Special Effects Supervisor
Ephraim Black Prod. Assistant
Karen Ewasko Prod. Assistant
Jeffrey Scott Kindred Prod. Assistant
Cindy Tocci Prod. Assistant
Payroll Services Action Payroll

Post Sound Bouquet Post

Music Score Produced, Recorded and Mixed at CGW Studios

Special Visual Effects

Santa Monica, CA

Visual Effects Supervisor Hitoshi Inoue
Visual Effects Producer Nathan Effron
Visual Effects Artist Akiko Onoda

Fine Art

Painting “Undulating Blue” created by Tary Socha
©1997 by Tary Socha

Special Thanks To:

Lee Schneider Jim Pasternak Migiwa
Robert J. Rose, Esq. Sheldon & Mak Richard K. Allen
SAG Howard Goldberg Maxwell’s Café
Dennis Brown Club Toscano Jo Marie Payton
SGI USA Kay Yoshikawa Christopher Adams
Jordan Lund Gregory Vahanian Harp & Crown Pub

In Memory Of Good Friends Departed

Satoshi Shimizu
Candace Burke Block
Arthur Reiman
Sheldon Gunsberg


“The One”
Written by Judy Neubauer, Lorenzo Scott, Ken Lee, Steve Karolus
Performed by Nectar
Courtesy of Backyard Fruit

Written and Performed by Electrostatic
Courtesy of Electrostatic Recordings

“Eyes Shine”
Written by S.R. Turner and J. Rangel
Performed by S.R. Turner and J. Rangel
Produced by E. Heithuas, T.C. Turner, S.R. Turner and J. Rangel

Written by E. Heithuas, T. Corcoran, T.C. Turner
Performed by, T.C. Turner, T. Corcoran, E. Heithuas
Produced by E. Heithuas, T.C. Turner and R. Curtis

“Blue So Long”
Written by Tony Teachey
Performed by Bart Walsh - Electric Guitar/Bass
Ray Luzier - Drums
Tony Teachey - Acoustic Guitar/Harp
Produced by Bart Walsh
Courtesy of Blews Creek Music/Killer Grove Music

Written and Performed by Charles Gregory Washington
Courtesy of CGW Studios

No Animal was injured or killed during the production of this film.

Filmed entirely on Location in Los Angeles County.

© Copyright MMI by Myogaku Productions, Inc. All rights reserved.

Myogaku Productions, Inc., is the author of this motion picture for the purposes of copyright and all other laws.

The events, characters, and facts depcited in this motion picture are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, or to actual events or facts is purely coincidental.

Ownership of this motion picture is protected by copyright and other laws and any unauthorized use, duplication, distribution, display, broadcast, or exhibition of this motion picture could result in criminal prosecution, as well as, civil liability.



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