"A great story told by a visionary!"
-Antwone Fisher, author of NYT Bestseller "Finding Fish

". . . Echos is a success. It reinforces the message that anyone, no matter how debased he may become, can be enlightened. . . . the story will awaken us at a deeper level and cause us to realize the impact that a single life can have on so many others."
- J. Paul Peszko, The Whole Life Times, December 2002

"From the richly layered screenplay to the insightful direction, "Echos of Enlightenment" hails the arrival of triple-threat talent Dan Coplan, an American moviemaker who actually has something to say. Writing, directing and starring in this feature that rises above standard indie fare, Coplan has crafted a passionate, powerful tale of one man's search for meaning. This is a thinking man's movie, a movie for adults, a movie with a subtle strength of character that will echo in your soul for a long while after the last frame fades away !"
-Timothy Rhys, MovieMaker Magazine.

"A bold and adventurous independent feature!"
Director, Melbourne Underground Film Festival.

"A thought provoking film! We rate it 8 out of 10!"
- Suzanne Woo, The Buddha's Drum Magazine

“A hauntingly strange film ... has the feel of the hit MEMENTO ... it keeps you guessing!”
- Michael Janusonis, The Providence Journal

"Echos reverberate in the middle of the night" DVD Premieres/Video Business magazine (link to review)

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Echos of Enlightenment